It was all red
beyond my waist.
In a crowd of men
that made me different !!

I shouted and was grounded
nearly for seven days
told to follow those creepy customs
to get praised !!

I was not pure
as long as before.
But one thing it’s sure
life suddenly changed
I was child no more !!

Then, there comes a word
Vagina’s bleeding and virginity
told to preserve, cause that’s our identity.
Identity!! till you are wife
My virginity only meant for my husband
if not you are impure.
No matter, your husband had slept with
thousands before.

Showing the cleavage and
tinge of your thigh
not only risk your virginity but
also your life!!
I guess, if that was the case??
Why in sari, girls get raped??

No!!  to proposal
a big mistake for world,
Why because he wants her.. Wait… .
Not only her but all of her’s
Why not step back??
all of us may thought.
What’s the result??
An acid attack!!

Yes!!  I do agree,
You are a boy and I am a girl
that doesn’t mean I am free for all.

Yes!!  I do accept,
Not all boys are same
there are few who know
difference between a girl and a game.
Yet my voice today
raised against shame
to those who believe girls,
a burden and blame.

NO!! You are wrong.
We are not just a frame
We do got aim!
We do got aim!!

Dharan, Sunsari
March 14, 2018