US Blockade on Cuba,

Havana. Serguey Klishevich, head of the Working Group for cooperation with Cuba in the Belarusian National Assembly, condemned the coercive measures of the US government against Cuba, intensified in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The sanctions against Cuba are a direct violation of the principles of international law. We believe that it is necessary to entirely lift the blockade and we support the inalienable power of each State to determine its own development model, ”said Klishevich according to the official website of the Cuban Parliament.

In a letter sent to Rosario Pentón, acting president of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Belarus in the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power, Klishevich added that despite United Nations resolutions on the need to end the aggressive policy of the United States against the Caribbean island, there is no significant progress in normalizing the situation.

When referring to the obstacles of the blockade in the implementation of socioeconomic transformations, he noted that “it causes direct damage to the Cuban economy and reduces the country’s capacity to expand trade and interbank interaction.”

The Belarusian MP also ratified solidarity with the Cuban people and stated that they will continue working to strengthen political, economic and cultural ties, cooperation and friendly relations with the Caribbean island.

“We express our willingness to cooperate with Cuban deputies in all areas of socioeconomic, educational and scientific-technical development of our countries,” he concluded.

(Source: ACN)