Kathmandu, Madan Bhandari International School for Social Educators, a Marxist School has been decided to be held in Nepal.

According to Pramesh Pokharel, a member of the South Asian team Representing Political Pedagogical Committee (CPP) of school said that the first session of the school will be held in Nepal from August 26 to September 16, in Kathmandu and an an inception meeting was organized on 26-29 May, 2018 at Kathmandu, to discuss and finalize the pedagogy including many other aspects of school. Representatives and delegates from different organizations from all over the world including ENFF (Brazil), Nkrumah School (South Africa), PEP (USA) and other participants from Morocco, India and Bangladesh attended the meeting. The experience of international school was shared in the meeting and a plan of action for Nepal’s school was finalized too.

On the first day, 26/05/2018- there was a conjectural analysis of the social movements in respective countries in which participants briefed a the historical along with the socio-political conditions and challenges posed by neo-liberal fascist regime in the respective countries.

On the first day of the program, Hon. Minister for Finance, Mr Yubaraj Khatiwada exchanged notes on the first budget presented by the newly formed leftist government and interacted withe the foreign delegates.

On the second day, Hon. Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, Minister of Foreign Affairs,  addressed the meeting and highlited the contribution of comrade Madan Kumar bhandari, then General Secretary of the CPN (UML). He also chronicled the emergence of People’s Multiparty Democracy, successful victory of the left alliance, unification of two largest communist parties of Nepal and underscored the application of the communist movement as per the specialties of a country. He aslo exchanged his views with the CPP members and foreign delegates.

Later, the delegates from ENFF, Nkumah, PEP and TUNIS schools shared their experiences on inception, past and present situation of the school. They also highlighted pedagogical insight and its importance from the South Asian perspective. A group work was conducted for finalizing the structure and curriculum of Madan Bhandari School.

On the third day, Comrade Madhav Kumar Nepal, former Prime Minister and senior leader of Nepal Communist Party addressed the session. Welcoming the delegates and participants, he narrated the importance of such international school for the development ideologically clear next generations and in the spirit of internationalism.

The meeting drafted the plan of action, code of conduct, application form and other essential preparatory materials for organizing the school. The school is targeted mainly for the activists from the people’s movements and will mainly be focused on the impact of dominant paradigm on the lives of working class. e participants of the inception meeting expressed their views and reflection on the inception meeting and the future of the school. The collective session concluded with mistica – a revolutionary song “gau gau bata utha, basti-basti bat utha, yo desk ko muhar phernalai utha…”.

Lastly, the team  visited the school venue and its contact office in Kathmandu on the fourth day of the program.