China-US trade tensions

The trade talks will continue between China and the US, but they are full of uncertainty. Clearly China’s development, prosperity and entire destiny cannot depend on US goodwill. Growing stronger is the chief ingredient for China to defuse strategic pressures from the US and to safeguard the strategic space it needs to develop.

China should further expand its domestic market and improve technological capabilities. Not strong enough in soft power, China also needs to improve ability to affect international public opinion and seize moral high ground when caught in diverse conflicts.

China has a strong industrial base and great potential. The most important issue is to break self-constraints through reforms so that our efforts can better meet the country’s real needs to make development straightforward without divagation.

Development is the best response to US pressures, a method for improving China’s diplomatic situation and an impetus for the Chinese people to be more politically confident facing the West as well as the best proof that the Chinese political system is superior, not to mention that development is fundamental to fulfilling people’s demand for a better life.

Washington is arrogant toward Beijing because it is the world’s leading technological and military power with the largest market. Its Hollywood movies sweep the globe and its media are the most influential. When the US spares no efforts suppressing China, we Chinese feel an unprecedented pressure.

All China’s policies should be conducive to development. Reform boosts development and stability. Any policy that can energize the country’s growth is preferable. Otherwise we need to reconsider the decisions made.

China should wake up from the daydream that tensions in China-US ties can be reversed with diplomatic measures. We must carry on opening-up and be aware that increasingly stronger development is our asset to achieve this goal. A dynamic and prosperous China will overthrow US ambitions to confine China.

The history of China tells us that backwardness draws an external bully.

We have to show some radical US elites that China’s development cannot be contained and that suppression will make China more prosperous and the US will suffer losses. Only then will those people deliberate abandoning their Cold War mentality.

All Chinese people ought to contribute to China’s development. Governments of different levels should unleash people’s potential for consumption, wisdom and work enthusiasm. Conservative thinking will eventually hinder own growth.

We should have a sense of urgency and encourage some local authorities to make inspiring demonstrations. What we achieve will be our leverage to talk with the world: Development should not be suppressed and China invites participation.

(In association with Global Times)