KP Sharma Oli, Prime Minister of Nepal

KATHMANDU. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has rejected any possibility of a referendum to decide on the fate of the already ousted monarchy in the country.

Prime Minister Oli also warned those advocating for monarchy not to make such statements, as Nepal was declared a republic after people shed huge amount of blood. Prime Minister Oli made such a statement yesterday addressing the concluding meeting of the winter session of the House of Representatives (HoR).

This historic remark has come from the executive head of the Government of Nepal at a time when pro-monarchists are playing to create a regressive environment to collapse the peoples’ achievements through Great Peoples’ War and historic Peoples’ Movement. Astonishing a section of the leaders including Dr. Shashank Koirala, General Secretary of the Nepali Congress (NC) are also being interested to go for a referendum in the name of settling key issues such as monarchy, federalism and secularism.

“There are some people who still want to revive the already ousted monarchy. It was 250 years ago that the Ghales [an ethnic group in Nepal] had understood that no one can be king by birth. One must win even if it is a running competition,” he said, referring to the practice of a running competition, which used to take place annually to determine the king for a year in modern-day Gorkha before the founding of the kingdom of the Shah dynasty.

Although Prime Minister Oli did not name any leaders during his speech in the parliament, he clearly said that there is no possibility of regression in the country. “Democracy was not brought by seeking alms. The republican system was brought by shedding blood,” he said. “Those harping for monarchy should better stop their maneuverings.”

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Oli also said that the government had achieved unprecedented success in curbing corruption and controlling gold smuggling. He argued that the government had achieved success not only in busting the 33-kg gold smuggling racket, but also nabbed others behind similar gold smuggling cases. Prime Minister Oli said that the cases of gold smuggling had come down significantly in recent years. “The government is equally working hard to curb corruption. There was a situation where the commissioner of the anti-graft body was forced to resign and flee away,” he further said.

On the issue related to the 11-point agreement with CK Raut, who had agreed to renounce secessionist agenda and come to the mainstream politics, Prime Minister Oli said that the government had made a big achievement by bringing him to the mainstream politics.