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Weapons of all kinds are the tools of war and genocide. They cause destruction and deterioration. Among them, nuclear weapons are the most destructive ammunition for which they are called the ‘Arms of Genocide’ or the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

Until the arms and ammunition exist on this planet, we cannot imagine global peace and security because they are manufactured, purchased, sold, and distributed to utilize in the war. This is why we favour a world free from all kinds of wars along with all the arms and ammunition that cause those wars.

Furthermore, we want to establish a stateless world, a Communist society. Its the capitalist state that drives war and operates or commands to operate the weapons. Hence, the ultimate end of war is only possible by the end of capitalism and the establishment of socialism and communism. All know that it may take time. Till then, we want a world that is at least free from all kinds of nuclear weapons as soon as possible.

As long as the oppressor and the imperialist countries which execute wars against the poor and weak countries possess the weapons of mass destruction, all the oppressed nations and countries deserve the right to possess and manufacture similar weapons for their self-defense. This right is based on the principle of natural justice. Such rights are not tolerable to the imperialist forces and their puppets all around the world.

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A series of inhumane blockades against countries like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is applied in the name of the disarmament and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). There are many other countries that possess weapons of mass destruction on a large scale whether they have signed the NPT or not. However, there is no blockade against them. Rather the economic blockade applied earlier has been lifted too.

The DPRK has recently started production of such weapons entirely for its self-defense, but the country is suffering from economic sanctions and blockade for more than six decades. The Socialist Republic of Cuba neither possesses any nuclear weapon nor produces any of them. Even though, it is also facing inhumane blockade for more than five decades, without any break. The United Nations has passed many resolutions to uplift the inhumane blockade against Cuba and her people. Except for the two countries – the US and Israel – all others are continuously voting against the blockade in the United Nations, but the blockade against Cuba is not lifted yet.

Despite the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the United States, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, Israel, India and Pakistan, etc countries are continuously conducting nuclear tests. The US and Russia are conducting even highly dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Recently, the US has conducted a test of ‘Mother of All Bombs’ and Russia has answered it with the test of ‘Father of All Bombs’ on the counter. Israel is also following their footsteps. There is no resolution proposed or passed ever in the UN Security Council against them. The sanctions against India and Pakistan are already lifted as they encountered with the vested interests of the developed and imperialist countries. Even after that, India has been conducting a series of nuclear tests one after another.

This demonstrates that the NPT and resolutions of the UN Security Council are just like the elephant-tusks, the real chewing teeth are different. The hidden truth of the economic sanctions and blockade is different. They are not against the nuclear arms, rather they are against the socialist countries and nations which are against imperialism and hegemony.

The people of the bourgeoisie empires are facing several problems and suffering from the systemic failure of decaying capitalism due to its own internal problems and contradictions. At the same time, socialist countries are achieving multifaceted miraculous development and prosperity with the ensured rights.  Hence, the ruling class of the empires has a fear that the developing countries and their people may get attracted towards socialism by seeing and learning from the multi-dimensional achievement of the Peoples’ Republic of China, the Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK), Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Socialist Republic of Cuba, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and their heroic people.

US Blockade against Cuba
US Blockade against Cuba

To avoid this attraction towards socialism, covering the systemic failure of capitalism and prevent peoples’ rebellion in their respective countries, these inhumane and shameful economic sanctions and blockades are enforced to the socialist countries. The reactionary forces wish that these measures make the socialist countries to suffer and cannot have any impact in their own countries. In the case of the DPRK, it is also a part of a scheme of encircling the Peoples’ Republic of China and check the scope of Russia while preparing a huge war against these countries for the coming days.

Socialist Cuba and the DPRK could be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and develop themselves as self-reliant economic superpowers due to their specific characteristics, once the economic sanction and blockade against them are lifted. These countries could be the most prosperous, developed, and peaceful countries in the world with fully grown human capital enriched with revolutionary spirit and devotion for humanity, and without any discrimination.

This is why the self-declared superpowers get afraid of socialism and its superiority over capitalism and use such measures to weaken and diplomatically alienate the socialist countries, to avoid exposure of crises of capitalism and peoples’ resistance against their system.

There should be an immediate end of the prolonged, inhumane, and discriminatory economic sanctions and blockade against Socialist Cuba, DPRK, Venezuela, and all other countries. The US military bases and detention camps operated all over the world must be shut down. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be dissolved. An initiative must begin to denuclearize and disarm the world, for which the US and its allies, first of all, must destroy their nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. This is the only way to establish global peace and prosperity.

(Author is the Editor of the Left Review Online and leader of the Anti-Imperialist Forum, Nepal.)