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Pyongyang, (KCNA). Five persons were selected as the best scientists and technicians of the state for 2018 in the DPRK.

They are Yun Won Nam, former vice-director of a research institute of Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University, Pak Ji Min, vice-rector of IT College of Kim Chaek University of Technology, Yu Chol Jun, department head of the Material Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University, Kim Nam Chol, section chief of the Physical Faculty of Kim Il Sung University, and Pak Jun Il, section chief of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex.

Yun Won Nam succeeded in research into substitute blood for the first time in the country to put its production on an industrial basis.

Pak Ji Min played a key role in establishing the combined automatic system for the oxygen heat blast furnace and the computer-controlled system for vacuum purification furnace which are of great significance in completion of the Juche-based iron production system.

Yu Chol Jun newly established a methodology on materials design and its aiding system. He completed designs on new energy materials and presented over 20 treatises to the SCI international scientific journals. As a member of the IAAM, he showed the development of the basic science of the country at international symposiums.

Kim Nam Chol blazed a trail into the quantum informatics in the DPRK and developed a quantum cryptic communicator. He has been active as a judge and editor of various SCI international scientific journals, and was listed on the World Biographical Dictionary as a scientist representing the DPRK in 2018.

Pak Jun Il worked out a design for remodeling the centrifugal air compressor into oxygen compressor and developed regulating valves needed for fluid-bed gas generator, thus contributing to the completion of the Juche-based iron production system.

(Source: KCNA)